Vellum Health makes microdosing simple and safe. All our products are sustainably produced in Canada and tested for
quality, consistency and potency.

Reasons to Choose Vellum Products

-Hand Crafted

-Small Batch

-Extra-fine Grind for Full and Even Absorption

-Multiple Blend and strain options

-Consistent Blending

-Vegan Capsules

-Ethical Packaging

-Personal Touch 

-Cultivator To Consumer (C2C) Business Model

We believe in the potential for psychedelics to change the way human beings treat themselves, each other and the planet. Our mission is to provide the highest quality microdose blends and medicinal psychedelics to raise 

individual and collective consciousness. 

Microdosing is setting an intention to create community, get inspired, find hope and connect more deeply with yourself and the natural world. Microdosing is also a powerful tool to enhance social contact, provide creative and

spiritual inspiration and be more present. ​