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 JOURNEY 200mg

200mg P. Cubensis

(Golden Teacher, B+, Curated Premium Varieties)

JOURNEY caps are pure magic and offer a chance to experience the effects of each variety of medicinal mushroom without added ingredients. Taking multiple capsules can give access to full psycedelic experiences. Each package contains 5g total

and can be used as a Hero dose, split into multiple recreational level doses, or shared with friends.

When embarking on a multi-cap trip, please use with caution, responsibility and plan for a proper setting.

We offer a rotating, curated selection of premium varieties along with our standard types in our JOURNEY line. We have sourced these varieties from some of the best cultivators and mycologists in the country. Enjoy them and explore the possibilities.

To get the most out of your micro dose experience/protocol we recommend combining movement

and intention setting with your routine.

JOURNEY micro-dose is intended for experienced users and those who desire a more intense and/or noticeable feeling. These can be too strong for the workplace and are good for dancing, high-energy social settings, and guided trips.

Yoga and movement are good ways to connect the mind and body and start the intention setting process. Here are a series of poses associated with JOURNEY energy:

- Squat
- Camel
- Pigeon

Once you feel comfortable, try doing all three in series before setting you intention and taking a micro-dose.


Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Let your mind settle,
or notice if it will not.

Do this until you feel calm and/or ready to set an intention
for the micro-dose experience. 

To help manifest your thoughts; write, speak or imagine your intention or mantra as you take your micro-dose.

Intentions We Like: “I will see things clearly today”, “I will have a magical day”, I will remember my kid self today”, “I will be curious today”

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