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50mg P. Cubensis (Golden Teacher)
100mg Lion’s Mane Dual Extract Powder
100mg Cordyceps Extract Powder

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100mg P. Cubensis (Golden Teacher)

100mg Lion’s Mane Dual Extract Powder

100mg Cordyceps Extract Powder

Three powerful mushrooms combine in our Energize/Focus formula.  This blend is meant to boost energy, creativity, and cognitive function. Give yourself a boost before exercise, artwork, or studying.

Lion’s Mane mushroom has been shown to improve brain function, focus, and mood. When combined with psilocybin it creates a synergistic effect and can increase the production of NGF (nerve growth factor), stimulate neuroplasticity and rewire the brain’s connections in positive ways.

Cordyceps increases the supply of oxygen to the body and can boost athletic ability, decrease inflammation, and even stimulate sexual function.

We recommend this blend as part of your morning routine or as an enhancement to work, learning, creative endeavours, and outdoor activity.

To get the most out of your micro dose experience/protocol combine movement and intention setting with your routine.

ENHANCE micro-dose is beneficial when combined with exercise, outdoor activities, ideation/brainstorming, and doing artwork.

Yoga and movement are good ways to connect the mind and body and start the intention setting process. Here are a series of poses associated with ENHANCE energy:

- Upward Facing Dog
- Reverse Plank
- Warrior I, II

Once you feel comfortable, try doing all three in series before setting you intention and taking a micro-dose.


Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Let your mind settle,
or notice if it will not.

Do this until you feel calm and/or ready to set an intention
for the micro-dose experience. 

To help manifest your thoughts; write, speak or imagine your intention or mantra as you take your micro-dose.

Intentions We Like: “I will see things clearly today”, “I will have a magical day”, I will remember my kid self today”, “I will be curious today”

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