This strain first appeared in the the 1980’s and the exact origins are unknown.  Highly recognizable due to its golden caps with specks of yellow and elegant appearance. 

A favourite of cultivators and consumers alike because of its large flushes of mushrooms and the profound impact of the journeys they can create.

We find that GT boosts energy and creativity and provides a

bright and vivid visual experience. 

The Golden Teacher is energetic and directs the attention to the outside world. Connecting to nature and other people is easy and fluid. Pairing these mushrooms with outdoor

activity and exercise is highly recommended. 

GT can help people who are feeling depressed or down and are a safe, easy way to stimulate the mood.  Energy flow and stamina seem to be effected in a positive way, especially when combined with the BOOST blend in micro-dose capsules. 

Feedback from our customers is abundant and positive. Golden Teacher is a clear favourite among our community of micro-dosers. They have appeal across the entire range of people.  Go outside, be active, have fun!


The story behind the B+ strain contains some mystery. The legend has it that a dedicated cultivator named “Mr. G” found a wild specimen and produced an extraordinary variety.  B+ took the Cubensis world by storm and has been a best selling strain since the 90’s.

Oozing natural beauty people praise this strain for its tasteful caramel caps and thick juicy stems as well as its important healing properties.

We find that B+ can lead to deep, transformative emotional experiences and personal insights.  These mushrooms can create a more introspective, inwards facing mood. 

Directly connect to and acknowledge your emotions.  At the micro-dose level these incredible mushrooms create a calming effect and an objective and accepting state of mind.  Our HEAL blend works well with this strain in particular.

B+ can be used to compliment alone time and are a good choice when doing guided meditations and trips.  This is a strain we have worked with for years and is an important tool for self work as well as daily micro-dosing.  Relax, make your favourite tea, unwind.