Lion's Mane for cognitive function and focus , Cordyceps for stamina and vitality.


This microdose pack is designed to help you reset and give yourself a mental health boost. It is also a helpful tool for managing change and moving through large transitions in a way that is less jarring than macro dosing.


This pack contains 5 x 100mg Microdoses and 20 x  200mg Lions Mane Extract capsules. 


They are designed to be taken together in the morning or afternoon for 5 consecutive days (then 2 days off).  Or try different schedules to see what feels best for you.


-1 x Enhance 100mg + 4 x Lion's Mane capsules per day. 


Lion's mane can support nervous system regulation and cognitive functioning.  This combination will energize and stimulate creativity and motivation.


Excellent activities to combine with this pack are: journaling, dancing, making or listening to music, time in nature, time with pet or anything that helps you enjoy your life more.


Lion’s Mane mushroom has been shown to improve brain function, focus, and mood. When combined with psilocybin it creates a synergistic effect and can increase the production of NGF (nerve growth factor), stimulate neuroplasticity and rewire the brain’s connections in positive ways.


This is our take on something like a Stamets Stack. We Love the way the Lion's Mane makes you feel with or without the addition of other medicinal mushrooms and Cordyceps will boost blood flow and oxygen levels instead of niacin. Together they form a potent combo that seems to be beneficial to the mind and nervous system.


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