ENHANCE MICRO MIXED PACK (50mg/100mg/200mg)

ENHANCE MICRO MIXED PACK (50mg/100mg/200mg)

Curious about Microdosing but not sure which dose is right for you? Try all three and save $50!




ENHANCE (50 mg) x 1



-50mg P. Cubensis (Golden Teacher)

-100mg Lion's Mane Extract Powder

-100mg Cordyceps Extract Powder


ENHANCE (100 mg) x 1



-100mg P. Cubensis (Golden Teacher)

-100mg Lion's Mane Extract Powder

-100mg Cordyceps Extract Powder


JOURNEY (200 mg) x 1



-200mg P. Cubensis (Golden Teacher)


*JOURNEY micro-dose is intended for experienced users and those who desire a more intense and/or noticeable feeling. These can be too strong for the workplace and are good for dancing, high-energy social settings, and guided trips.


A mixed pack of microdose capsules with great value. One of each from the ENHANCE line.


50mg and 100mg blended caps along with a 200mg dose of Golden Teacher. This popular and versitile variety (Golden Teacher) is the basis for our ENHANCE line-up. It is energizing and can stimulate creativity and boost overall mood.


Experience everything ENHANCE has to offer and find the perfect dose for you. Or try creating a personalized dose or combination for a unique protocol.




To get the most out of your microdose or macrodose experience/protocol we recommend combining movement and intention setting with your routine. Yoga and movement are good ways to connect the mind and body and start the intention setting process.




Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Let your mind settle,or notice if it will not. Do this until you feel calm and/or ready to set an intentionfor the micro-dose experience. To help manifest your thoughts; write, speak or imagine your intention or mantra as you take your micro-dose.


Intentions We Like:


  • “I will see things clearly today”
  • “I will have a magical day”
  • "I will remember my kid self today”
  • “I will be curious today”


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