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Ideal For: Microdosing, Depression, Anxiety

Our microdosing products offer hope for those battling depression, anxiety, and ADHD when they feel like they've exhausted all options. By supporting neuroplasticity and delving into the root causes of emotions, behavior patterns, trauma, and nervous system regulation, our products are designed for long-term well-being and healing. 

There are no quick fixes and microdosing takes a gentle and gradual approach to address these symptoms in ways that don't disrupt or overwhelm your nervous systems. 


Microdosing is approximately 50mg-200mg of psilocybin and our microdosing products are combined with additional herbs and functional mushrooms to increase the effectiveness of psilocybin. 

Our HEAL blend is best for stress and anxiety, ENHANCE blend is best for depression and energy and GLOW is more potent and can be used for either. Our tincture is best for ADHD symptoms and works as a fast-acting antidepressant. Functional mushrooms support our overall immune and nervous system health and brain functioning.

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