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MicroDosing Calendars

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Suggested Dosing Protocols

These are just general guidelines, we trust you will know what is best.

Scroll to the bottom to see the calendar examples of dosing schedules.

Beginner Dosing

1 Cap of Flow 50mg in the morning or early afternoon. Not on an empty stomach but also not completely full stomach is ideal. To increase effects you can eat one on a fairly empty stomach.

Try and choose nutritious foods and don’t go long periods without eating during the day if possible.

Wait 2 days between doses to allow integration of experiences and gauge tolerance/impact longer term.

Consider combining them with nature time, a bath, yoga or other relaxing, nurturing or creative activities to start.

Ensure you have enough rest but especially on micro dose days, prioritize things that calm the nervous system.

Intermediate to Experienced Dosing

1-2 Caps of Flow or 1 cap Enhance 100mg anytime of day before 3pm to start, mornings tend to be more of a boost.

Wait 1-3+ days between doses depending on your needs/symptoms.

For severe depressive or anxiety symptoms you may want to try a week straight of everyday microdosing combined with an intensive sleeping protocol, such as magnesium and GABA before bed. Generally taking a break and not dosing every day is preferred but short bursts of everyday can be helpful in more extreme circumstances.

Intuitive Dosing

This has proven to be the most popular option for people that buy our microdoses, particularly parents. It means that rather than sticking to a schedule you take them when and if you feel like you need a boost, they’ve been described as ‘on demand anti depressants’.

We’ve also heard a lot of great customer feedback about using microdosing to combat depressive or emotional overwhelm related to hormonal shifts, PMS and PPMD. This is also more of an intuitive dosing strategy.

This approach also creates more of space to use the microdoses recreationally, which we think is a huge part of their magic. We’ve found they can be an amazing substitute for alcohol at parties or as an addition to social occasions (as we get back to them slightly:) Try two or three over the course of an evening or afternoon with friends and see how you feel!

This will become more clear after you try them a few times. For most people this method usually means dosing twice a week or so and the maybe more of a recreational dose on the weekends.

Things to consider:

1. Starting at, and maintaining, a low dose (‘low’ is different for everyone) for as long as possible is ideal. This ensures the impact is consistent and doses remain effective. This is also why taking 1-2+ days off between doses is suggested.

The days between doses is when many of our deepest insights and awarenesses come up and can be integrated, off days are goldmines! This also allows for more recreational use of the microdoses when desired.

2. Body mass, hormonal cycles, food consumed prior and generally can impact the effectiveness of microdosing, please keep these in mind when you are considering what dose is appropriate. Make sure to stay hydrated and well fed, as with anything.

3. Generally citrus fruits or juice will increase the felt effects of microdosing, as will combining it with caffeine or other stimulants. This can be great for dancing, exercise, cleaning etc.

Check out the LemonTek method for more info.

4. Some SSRI’s can completely block the effects of psilocybin, even if they haven’t been consumed in a year or more they could still potentially impair the ability to feel the effects of micro and even macro doses. Experiment with larger doses if you think this could be the case for you, 150-200mg if needed.

5. Experiment with them!

We’re big fans of the dinner dose which is essentially eating a microodose or two just before eating a meal. The food seems to support the absorption of the microdose that makes for a great evening. This can be energizing though so please do it on a night you can have fun and aren’t heading to bed too early.

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