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Fun and Relaxing Activities to Pair with Microdosing

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Microdosing is a great addition to almost any activity in your life but there are a few ways you can really take advantage of their benefits.

1. Get into your body

This can be a simple as stretching, walking, or taking a bath or shower, but we also love to pair them with yoga, a workout, running, swimming and dancing (our favorite), and anything else that gets your heart rate up and helps you get out of your head. By being more present in our physical form we can get grounded and be more intentional about where our attention goes.

2. Get Creative

Do you like to write poems, songs, or stories? What about painting or making art of some kind? Do you like to sing or play music? Do you have a coloring book? Do you like to tend to your plants? Rearrange your furniture? Put together awesome outfits? Each of us has things that we enjoy and that make us feel excited, find things that do that for you and pair them with microdosing for an elevated experience.

3. Self-Care

Things as simple a 5minutes of deep breathing and a cup of tea or water can even be enough to ground us and help us re-center. If we have a bit more time maybe a bath, a face mask, a tasty treat, a nap, a walk outside, a phone call with a friend or

4. Time with loved ones

One thing we hear repeatedly from customers is that microdosing helps them be more present to others, including their spouses and children, that it helps them be a better listener and that it increases their patience. Increasing our capacity to be present with our loved ones can deepen our personal relationships and make it easier to set boundaries, which can positively impact all our relationships.

5. Spend Time in/with Nature

Any place that has grass or trees is great, even snuggling up to a houseplant will do, but connecting with the natural world can relieve stress, lower our blood pressure and reduce central nervous system activation, a primary cause of anxiety. Spending time with a beloved pet has similar effects so don't forget to give your pet lots of love, you get the benefits too.

Let us know if you have a particular activity or thing you like to pair with microdosing, we'd love to hear from you!

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