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Microdosing vs Recreational Dosing

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

So you've heard of microdosing but what about recreational or party doses?

Based on customer feedback here is our brief overview of what you can expect from a microdose vs a recreational dose.


Microdosing (50mg-100mg) is best for regular microdosing protocols such as one day on and one or days off between doses, and to address symptoms of depression or anxiety. They are ideal for those that want something that works quickly and effectively to boost mood that is also non-addictive and with few reported side effects.

We've found that the most effective microdoses are a combination of psilocybin mixed with additional herbs and functional mushroom blends to better support uptake and provide more comprehensive health benefits.

We also recommend microdoses as a great way to slowly introduce new users to psychedelic products and work up to bigger doses in an incremental way. This can help us practice being more present to the experience so we can process and integrate our experiences more fully in the long term.

Recreational Dosing

Recreational dosing is for fun times, parties, concerts and events, days at the beach, or nights camping when you want a more extended feeling of happiness and enjoyment. We consider a recreational dose to range from 200mg-500mg+ depending on experience level and desired effects. This can be taken as one entire dose or in smaller amounts over a period of time. For example, one possible dosing protocol for recreational dosing could be eating 200mg-300mg at the start of your day or activity and then another 100-250mg, later on, stopping at least 3hrs before you want to fall asleep. This strategy creates an experience that lasts but still allows for a great sleep.

To support optimal sleep after recreational dosing and microdosing we also recommend any or all of the following supplements GABA, Magnesium, Ashwagandha.

Let us know your feelings about these two types of psilocybin dosing and if there's a special way you like to use them.

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