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Dosing Calendars

Optional Dosing Calendars

Guidance not Rules


Beginner Schedule


Try 1 Cap of Heal or Enhance 50mg in the morning or early afternoon. Not on an empty stomach but also not completely full stomach is ideal. To increase effects as you get used to them you can eat one on a fairly empty stomach.

Try and choose nutritious foods and don’t go long periods without eating during the day if possible.

Wait 2 days between doses to allow integration of experiences and gauge tolerance/impact longer-term.

Consider combining them with nature time, a bath, yoga, or other relaxing, nurturing or creative activities to start.

Ensure you have enough rest but especially on microdose days, if possible prioritize things that calm the nervous system.

Mild Anxiety/Depression


Same general guidelines as above but at a higher dose if required.

Try 1-2 Caps of Heal or 1 cap Enhance 100mg any time of day before 3 pm to start, mornings tend to be more of a boost.

Wait 1-3+ days between doses depending on your needs/symptoms.

This schedule and protocol are good for those looking to reduce medication use. 


Severe Anxiety/Depression


For severe depressive or anxiety symptoms aside from the calendar suggestions, you may also want to try a week or two weeks straight of everyday microdosing of 100mg-200mg depending on the severity of symptoms.


This is especially effective combined with an intensive sleeping protocol, such as consuming magnesium and GABA before bed and trying to maximize nervous system benefits initially.  After that feel free to experiment with the best dose for you to maintain benefits.  

Generally taking a break of 1-3 days between doses is preferred to allow integration and processing. 

Individual needs and preferences will vary based on many factors. Unlike traditional medication, feel free to experiment with doses and use as needed to fit your lifestyle, mood, and mental health needs. 

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