We are proud to offer our proprietary blend of medicinal mushrooms extracted with food-grade ethanol and ultrasonic vibration. This tincture is potent and effective. This beutiful liquid is based on a blend of our 3 tried and tested medicinal varieties: Golden Teacher, B+, Penis Envy.


We wanted to produce a balanced and versitile option for microdose that can be easily integrated into any lifestyle.


Our staff has found it to be particularly helpful for ADHD issues and depression symptoms.


It is faster acting then a capsule and provides a more subtle experience that allows for clear thinking and presence. Awesome for work/studing or daily/semi-daily dosing to combat depression and over-reactive mind states.


-Fast acting

-Eliminate Stomach Upset/Unwanted Side Effects

-Light and Bright, High Vibration Attitude

-Sharp Focus and Increased Mental Agility

-ADHD And Depression Symtom Relief




1ml=30 drops=100mg


This tincture can be used for your weekly micro routine and has lots of beneficial attributes. It’s perfect for people who want or need to tailor a precise or personal dose. It has a fast onset and eliminates unwanted side effects. Our staff has found that this formulation to be promising and helpful for ADHD and depression symptoms. It has a subtle and low key effect that can be ideal for managing these types of issues.


For a regular microdose protocol we recommend;


20-30 drops in the morning with water or coffee/tea every other day.


This is a great place to start and would be equivalent to a 100mg capsule every other day.


For ADHD and depression we recommend;


20-30 drops in the morning daily.


For more severe or acute ADHD/depression symptoms;


20-30 drops 2x per day. Morning and afternoon.


For Intuitive dosing protocols;


Try 10-20 drops at various times during the day. We like taking a few drops as needed and/or wanted during the day. Dosing during the afternoon up until 3-4 pm can be rewarding and lead to a relaxed mind state in the evening.


For recreational and social settings;


30-60 drops.


We find this tincture to be a great addition to a night out or any social activity you might have planned.


In the evening it can be beneficial to take a slightly larger dose to achieve the desired effect. Multiple meals and the stressors of everyday life can lead to a less receptive mind and nervous system when it comes to psilocybin and medicinal mushrooms.


Combining the tincture with other alcohol and or intoxicants can have good results but it is necessary to use restraint and caution especially if you will be in public space.


An excellent alternative to traditional microdoses in capsules.