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How are Microdoses Helping? 2021 Edition

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

This year we've been so happy to be part of so many different healing journeys.

The variety of ways microdosing is helping people cope, heal and grow is truly astonishing for us. We are so grateful to hear about how they are supporting each of you and we look forward to another year of transformation with you all.

Here are some of the things clients are doing with microdoses and our suggested protocols for how to work with them based on customer feedback.

Brain Trauma

Healing memory, brain functioning, and sleep patterns after traumatic brain injury or head trauma. The impacts of head injury can take a long time to show up and microdosing can support the development of new neural networks in the brain. Microdosing may work preventatively against further brain degeneration, as well as help support mood and emotional stability.

Suggested Protocol-Heal Blend, 1-2 caps of 50mg or 100mg every 2nd or third day


ADHD symptoms, with or without an official diagnosis can make focus, attention, and memory challenging. For some people, regular microdosing seems to improve focus and reduce rumination or repetitive, unwanted thoughts. This provides some mental relief and creates a space for more choice and intentional action. This can also be a good alternative for those that either want to reduce or avoid medications or for whom they were not effective.

Suggested Protocol-Enhance Blend, 1-2 caps of 50mg or 100mg every 2nd or third day mixed with Heal Blend 100mg every 3rd or 4th day


Antidepressants can be extremely helpful but reducing or stopping them after long-term use can also be incredibly difficult, painful, and emotionally traumatic. Microdosing offers a way to slowly reduce antidepressant use with lessened side effects. By supplementing or replacing a daily antidepressant with a low dose microdose antidepressants can be slowly reduced while the brain builds new neural networks to support long-term mood balance. Also important to note that SSRIs can sometimes reduce the effectiveness of psilocybin so a larger microdose may be required to get the same benefits.

Suggested Protocol-Enhance 100mg every 2nd day or every day as needed, can be taken in conjunction with antidepressants and other supplements. Gut healing is critical.

Anti Anxiety Medication Reduction

Method: Heal Blend 50mg every 2nd day or as needed until symptoms reduce

This medication reduction strategy can also work for reducing anti anxiety medication as well as reducing chronic anxiety symptoms. We have several clients that have eliminated panic attacks and crippling social anxiety completely through regular microdosing. Though for some people severe, acute anxiety attacks may still be best addressed by medication. Microdosing supports lowering anxiety by increasing tolerance for, and reducing reactions to stressful or challenging thoughts in long and short term ways.


Suggested Protocol-Heal Blend 50mg or 100g every 2nd day or as needed. GABA and Magnesium supplements are also recommended to support quality sleep


PTSD symptoms are natural reactions to traumatic experiences. They range in severity but are both physically and psychologically debilitating and negatively impact individuals quality of life. Microdosing can support a reduction in unwanted thoughts, increase motivation for self care and social activity, help direct thoughts way from troubling ones towards pleasant ones and generally reduce the underlying anxiety and distress that can come with PTSD symptoms. They work well with other medications and cannabis.

Suggested Protocol-Heal Blend 100g or 200mg every 2nd day or as needed. Enhance blend on alternating days if depressive symptoms are also persistent. GABA and Magnesium supplements are also recommended to support quality sleep.

Emotional Regulation

The ability to regulate ourselves and our nervous systems largely determines how our life and relationships unfold. Increasing our tolerance for discomfort and difficult emotions without reacting or consciously choosing how to take action, instead of being in reaction to life, is a game changer. Most of us are acting and reacting from deeply wired automatic brain and emotional pathways that are largely unconscious and can feel fixed. Microdosing supports us to be more gentle with ourselves, find more self compassion, meet our needs with less guilt and retrain our inner narrative to support and encourage us instead of attack us. This especially helps with relationships at all levels because we can speak more directly and honestly, feel less afraid of the consequences of expressing ourselves and more clearly set boundaries around our needs.

Suggested Protocol-Heal or Enhance Blend 50mg or 100mg, every 2nd or 3rd day or as needed

Let us know if we missed any important ways microdosing is supporting your health or well being.

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