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Small Doses Big Benefits Microdosing Course

Small Doses Big Benefits Microdosing Course

Are you interested in exploring microdosing as a tool for healing and change? 


We've partnered with NewWell Clinic to develop an introductory course  called Small Doses, Big Benefits to help support you. It's self-guided and designed to create eight weeks of activities to give you time to work through the exercises and practice new thoughts and behaviors. 


Changing behaviour patterns around drugs, alcohol, and other repetitive or unwanted behaviours while still enjoying your life IS possible, and that’s exactly what you can learn about and practice in the Small Doses, Big Benefits Self-Study Course.


We’ve developed an incredible set of practices to share with you, using psilocybin microdosing as a tool to support lasting changes. These strategies are based in cutting-edge neuroscience and proven psychological techniques to support shifting out of repetitive thought and self-defeating behaviour patterns.


The SDBB Self-Study Course includes 8 instructional modules, plus a lot of bonus pre-course content.


By immersing yourself in the SDBB Self-Study Course, you will be able to:


  • Understand your relationship with substances/distractions and will create your vision for going forward
  • Receive accountability strategies to keep you on track
  • Identify your triggers or blocks and customize strategies just for you
  • Establish new habits and create a new and improved lifestyle patterns
  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how to use microdosing for behaviour change around your goals and objectives 
  • Create and implement a personalized microdosing protocol 
  • Develop practical skills to address your particular lifestyle changes


What you’ll get:

  • Intro to microdosing and “getting started” (including dosing, contraindications, benefits and risks, etc)
  • 8 comprehensive modules including Creating your vision and setting intentions, accountability and Mindset, creating new habits, the importance of integration, identifying triggers, customizing strategies, radical self-care, celebration and post-course integration (yes, lots of support for integration!)
  • Worksheets and journaling prompts to support your process 
  • Tips for creating your own “container” for change and transformation


This is available for $79 and comes as a PDF. 


Please message us with any questions. 


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