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Intention Setting and Mantras

Updated: Jan 4, 2022


Close your eyes and take long slow, deep breaths, letting your mind settle, or notice if it will not settle. Continue to do this until you feel calm or ready to set an intention for the micro dosing experience.

When this feels complete write, speak or imagine an intention or mantra for your micro dose day.

Intentions We Like: “I will see things clearly today”, “I will have a magical day”, I will remember my kid self today”, “I will be curious today”


While taking deep slow breaths begin to imagine a channel of bright light connecting your heart to the earths core. When that feels complete imagine the channel extends up from your heart into the sky, the light is moving with the breath. Imagine you are clearing and cleansing anything that is not serving you and is not in your highest good with every breath in and out.

Repeat 5 times, “I release everything that doesn’t serve me” “I make room for joy and peace”

Do this until it feels complete for you.

Inner kid/Anxiety Mantra

We use this mantra to contact inner kid and give them support and care.

Keep your eyes open or closed whatever works best for you. Try and take deep, slow breaths for 30 seconds or your preferred amount of time. Then imagine you are talking to or holding a small child.

Repeat the mantra: “I love you, you are safe” as many times as you can or set a timer for a minute or two. It becomes like a chant you can relax into.

This mantra can be modified such as : I love you, you are capable”, “I love you, you are important”, “I love you, you are valued” or whatever combination is needed in the moment.

This can also bring up challenging feelings, give yourself time and space to work with this mantra in private or with support depending on your preference.

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