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Top 5 Reasons Microdosing isn’t working and How to Fix it.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, here are the most common reasons we have found that clients do not achieve success with microdose Ing, or it does not have the benefits that they were expecting. Once these factors are addressed most people find Macrodosing becomes a useful and effective tool to support their mental health and happiness.

1.Antidepressants -even short term use or past use can significantly impair the felt effect of psilocybin, you may need a larger than typical dose or it may not work at all until you taper down. 💊

2. Low stomach acid-poor digestion generally can make it harder for the active ingredients to break down and be effectively absorbed. You can try digestive enzymes about 30 minutes before microdosing to offset this effect. 🍍🍓🍒

3. The dose is too low. This is extremely common because for some people 50 mg is a high microdose and for some people 250 to 500 mg is an effective and pleasant microdose. Really give yourself an opportunity to experiment with different doses. 👏💫

4. Feeling numb or disconnected from your body. If you already struggle to be present or often feel dissociated it can be challenging to connect to the sensations from psilocybin. You can work to shift this by combining physical activities with the micros. Anything that gets you out of your head and into your body, even as simple as tapping, stomping, walking or laughing.

5. Antacids and other vitamins, medicines or over the counter drugs that neutralize stomach acid. This can make it harder to break down mushroom materials and may reduce their overall impact. You can try the 🍋 Lemon Tek method or combining micros with other types of citrus juice to offset this.

Did you already know these? Any surprises?

If you’d like more personalized support, please book a consultation or check out one of our courses both available in the store.

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