FLOW  50mg

Our lowest microdose, ideal for beginners. FLOW can be a positive addition to work (especially creative endeavours), reading, yoga, and meditation.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine while still delivering all the benefits of microdosing Psilocybin.

ENHANCE  100mg

Our standard microdose. 

ENHANCE is a great way to boost vitality and creativity. 

Athletes and artists love these. 100 mg microdose will make your day vivid, energetic and can ignite creativity. ENHANCE is perfect for a weekly protocol.

JOURNEY  200mg

Our strongest micro option.  JOURNEY is double the strength of our standard micro-dose. Some people require a larger dose

and these are perfect.

Use for a more intense experience and more profound insights.  JOURNEY is ideal for dancing, parties and guided trips.

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This strain first appeared in the 1980s and the exact origins are unknown.  Highly recognizable due to its golden caps

with specks of yellow and elegant appearance. 

A favourite of cultivators and consumers alike because of its large flushes of mushrooms and the profound impact of the journeys they can create.

We find that GT boosts energy and creativity and

provides a bright and vivid visual experience.  


The story behind the B+ strain contains some mystery.

The legend has it that a dedicated cultivator named Mr. G found a wild specimen and produced an extraordinary variety. 

B+ took the Cubensis world by storm and has been one

of the best selling strains since the ’90s.

Oozing natural beauty, people praise this strain for its tasteful

caramel caps and thick juicy stems.

While its potency is considered to be moderate, we find that B+ can lead to deep, transformative emotional experiences and personal insights.

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Vellum Health makes microdosing simple and safe.

All our products are sustainably produced in Canada

and tested for purity and potency.

We believe in the potential for psychedelics to change the way human beings treat themselves, each other and the planet.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality microdose blends and medicinal psychedelics to raise individual and collective consciousness. 

Microdosing is setting an intention to create community, get inspired, find hope and connect more deeply with yourself and the world. Microdosing is also a powerful tool to enhance social contact, provide creative and spiritual inspiration and be more present. 

Microdosing of psilocybin is now recognized as an effective treatment for depression and anxiety when following recommended guidelines.

Recent studies have identified psilocybin micro-dosing as a way to increase neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (the process by which the brain grows new neurons, which can then form new connections and networks).

Every purchase directly supports ethically operated businesses.

Thank you for using your resources to make a difference.





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